Adding Intra Bank Beneficiary for sending payment to others SBI Account

Adding Intra Bank Beneficiary (Sending payment to Others SBI Account) : If you have an Online SBI Account Service (SBI NetBanking Service) and you want to transfer funds to other's account of SBI then you need to "Add Intra- Bank Beneficiary" first only after adding beneficiary, you can send / transfer payment to other's account of SBI.

If you tried adding Intra Bank Beneficiary and for any reason you failed doing so then do not worry as here we are providing you the complete step by step guide for Adding a Intra Bank Beneficiary.

How to add intra bank beneficiary in Online SBI Net Banking

Just follow the simple steps given below to add a Intra - Bank Beneficiary in OnlineSBI Net Banking :-

intra bank beneficiary

  • Step 3) Now you need to click on the "Manage Beneficiary" Link

how to add intra bank beneficiary in sbi

  • Step 4) Enter you Profile Password and click on the Submit Button

intra bank beneficiary in sbi

  • Step 5) Now Click on the "Intra-Bank Beneficiary" Link

what is intra bank beneficiary in sbi

  • Step 6) Now you need to enter the SBI Account details of the person where you want to transfer the fund. You need to enter "Name", "Account Number", "Confirm Account Number", "Transfer Limit". Once you will enter all the details then click on the "Submit" button.

intra bank beneficiary sbi

  • Step 7) Now click on the "Approve Now" button

how to activate intra bank beneficiary in sbi

  • Step 8) Click on the "Approve Beneficiary" radio button

what is intra bank beneficiary

  • Step 9) Click on the "Approve through OTP"

intra bank means

  • Step 10) Select the Beneficiary Account and Enter the OTP which you received on your registered mobile number and then click on the "Approve" Button

intra bank beneficiary sbi means

You will receive a notification that you have added a beneficiary and it will take 4 hours for new beneficiary to be approved by bank.

Hence a new intra bank (Other SBI) beneficiary will be successfully added in to your onlineSBI login account.

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